Rentschler & Company Interior Design




Martha's Vineyard Magazine - Fall/Winter 2014
There's Something About Mary

New England Home Magazine - Summer 2012

Vineyard Style Magazine - Summer 2012
A Designer's Own Kitchen Gets A Facelift

Martha’s Vineyard Times – Home and Garden, Fall 2011
“Interiors that draw on honest , classical materials , and complement
without competing throughout this elegantly simple compound.”

Martha’s Vineyard Online, Sept 2011
“Mary loves to combine looks... a blend of modern and some traditional
is a more interesting look – classic design reinterpreted for a
21st century.”

The Martha’s Vineyard Times – Vineyard Property Values, Summer 2011
“Achieving a particular sense of place for the client, so that personal
and island contexts are in perfect balance.”

New England Home, November/December 2009
"Mary's goal was to echo the natural beauty that lies outside the window."

The Boston Globe Magazine, August 2009
“Rentschler debunks some common design myths and offers her
creative solutions...”

Vineyard Style Magazine - A Sense of Place, Summer 2008
"Designer Mary Rentschler creates artistic solutions for the way people live….
how people live is a measure of who they are…"

Martha's Vineyard Magazine - Home & Garden, Spring/ Summer 2008
"It's about natural, timeless, low maintenance. Simplified."