Rentschler & Company Interior Design



We believe that every interior design project should discover and embody the unique intersection between three critical elements: the site, the physical structure and the client’s lifestyle. A home becomes complete when there is a successful blending of many creative components, bearing in mind that each dwelling is as different as its inhabitants. We do not believe in adhering to a particular style or era or trend, rather we feel that by addressing common design problems with careful consideration of the exterior environment and the health of the planet, the architecture and the dweller’s individual preferences, we are able to achieve a singular and “new” Sense of Place.

Knowing that the fabric of people’s lives are rich and varied and that their personal histories are complex, our challenge is to create a refuge
where a successful blending of form and function reflects the clients’ essential and intangible relationship to their surroundings.

The Psychology of Place.

We think your home should be the place where you get grounded, the starting point for the daily race, the place you come back to for strength and recharging. Where, at last, you regain your balance. We believe in...

The Power of Place.